Capital Strategy

Stringent regulations require banks to spend millions of dollars calculating their regulatory capital. We assist in leveraging this costly infrastructure to uncover risk insights, and determine how to efficiently allocate and manage capital, and to better align risk management to risk appetite.

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

We help develop enterprise risk management processes ensuring clients support strategic priorities and achieve risk-adjusted returns.

Market Risk

We provide advice and analytics to assist clients in managing exposure to market volatility whilst making sure clients are prepared for new regulations.

Credit Risk

We help clients manage risk related to counterparty exposure, origination, credit modelling and advanced analytics.

Operational Risk

We help automate process, capture and report losses, ensure consistent policies and procedures are followed to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.

Treasury Solutions

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

We address complex questions about funding and balance sheet optimization whilst improving treasury operations.

Liquidity Management

Regulators are applying greater focus on liquidity risk within financial institutions, which is becoming increasingly important to assess and monitor effectively. We design risk and pricing frameworks that make clear the liquidity position across the bank and allow traders to capitalize on opportunities more effectively.


We help clients measure how funding sources contribute to profitability, ensure alignment with regulatory requirements, and support FTP systems implementations.

Data Solutions

Data Governance

We help clients define operating models to address key areas of data governance, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Data Science

We help clients to unlock the power of their data to identify new opportunities.

Business Intelligence

We help clients use data that support better front office and risk management decisions.