Our Capabilities

Our Consultants Help Design Strategies ThatDeliver Value And Ensure Long-term Success

Financial Engineering

We offer a high level of competency in financial modelling, with an affinity for financial and risk analytics. Able to solve the broad range of problems faced by financial institutions, our Financial Engineers work with organisations to understand our client's unique problems and lean on a wealth of internal expertise to deliver best-in-breed solutions.

Integration Engineering

Our Integration Engineering function provides expert advisory around infrastructure and architectural issues pivotal in risk measurements and drive towards integrating the risk function with the rest of the bank.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineers are the designers, builders and managers of the data infrastructure. They develop the architecture that helps others analyze and process data in the way the organization needs it, and they make sure those systems are performing smoothly.

Data Science

Our Data Scientists apply data science and analytical acumen to critical business issues, helping our clients turn data into information, information into insights, and insights into game-changing strategies.

Our Team

Nurturing The Minds That Shape A Better Financial World

Riskworx - Team Photo 2019

Our Team

Nurturing The Minds That Shape A Better Financial World