Unlock economic potential through
financial & quantitative modelling


Make risk-savvy financial decisions.

As a specialist financial and quantitative modelling consultancy, for over 20 years, we solve problems, deliver value, and build strong relationships with prominent global financial institutions, to ensure that they effectively navigate rapidly changing regulations and leverage technological developments to their advantage.

Make risk-savvy financial decisions.
Make risk-savvy financial decisions.
Our consulting, training, Risklab, solutions teams deliver unique solutions to complex problems.



We advise on the design of strategies and operating models to deliver long-term value, backed by quantitative expertise and qualitative research.

Liquidity Risk & BSM
Management of risks impacting the banking book, such as Liquidity, Concentration, Interest Rate and Currency risks, and optimise scarce resources, such as capital, which increasingly pressurises a financial organisation’s performance.
Market Risk
Management of all primary market risks - Currency, Interest Rate, Equities, Commodities and Traded Credit - in line with internal models as well as current and future regulatory frameworks.
Credit Risk
Manage credit exposure risk factors across the banking and trading books, and proactively respond to dynamic market conditions that impact the probability of default and its impact on the business.



We offer training that’s tailored to our clients' specific requirements and needs. This enables them to improve their services by embedding new skills and capabilities into their organisations, particularly in the fields of regulatory requirements and quantitative modelling.

There is no learning without action and no action without learning.



In a constantly shifting and increasingly complex market and regulatory context, our clients are challenged to do more with less. The RiskLab applied research and development division draws on 20 years of excellence in quantitative finance to drive innovation and inspire cutting-edge financial risk and technology solutions that unlock significant value and ensure that our clients remain competitive.



Our experience deploying risk infrastructure allows us to build cost-effective solutions that are fit for purpose and based on best practices.
Combined with our expertise in Data Science, we can ensure regulatory compliance and empower our clients to leverage data for strategic advantage.

We’re human, hard-working and believe in cultivating real relationships with our clients.



Our Clients & Partners

Rooted in Africa, our multi-cultural, multi-disciplined, multi-skilled team works with clients across the globe.

Our Clients & Partners

No matter where you are or what challenges you’re facing, effective solutions all start with a conversation. So let’s have one today.

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