We’re human, hard-working and believe in
cultivating real relationships with our clients.



Financial and Quantitative modelling is the fuel that drives us. Over the last 20 years, we have helped our
clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape to ensure compliance and create strategic advantage.


We advise on the tactical design of Strategies, Operating Models, and Architectures that deliver long-term value. This comes from a meticulous assessment of the economic impact of changes to the regulatory framework.


Riskworx provides on-the-ground resources that are solution-focused to drive successful outcomes for our clients.


We represent a new breed of thinker, approaching problem-solving differently.



We develop and deploy innovative solutions for our clients, leveraging our financial engineering expertise from 20 years of working with big banks. Technology allows us to create cost-effective solutions that are fit for purpose and based on best practice.




Our training focuses on enabling our clients to improve their services by embedding new skills and capabilities into their organisations, particularly regarding regulatory requirements and quantitative modelling. Riskworx quantitative consultants run the training, harnessing our combined experience of more than 120 years. We can also apply our training expertise to your graduate programme.

Riskworx Academy

The Academy is an embodiment of our vision: “Nurturing minds that shape a better financial future.”


The Riskworx Academy’s flagship offering is a bouquet of unique Banking Simulation programs, developed by SimArch – Simulation Architects with a track record of more than 20 years. The partnership sees a combination of Riskworx as experienced risk practitioners and SimArch, whose international team guarantees that the software stays relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends in banking and risk management, including changes in the Regulatory landscape (the simulations include Basel IV concepts).

Learning Pyramid

We believe that understanding the big picture makes it easier to focus on the part of the picture where you feature. Our training takes learners from the basics of financial literacy to the apex of the specialized financial risk pyramid.


We believe that training should be current, relevant and delivered by specialists who have been at the coal face of the financial landscape. We utilize our combined years of experience as subject matter experts to ensure that we are not dumping content but instilling useful knowledge.

Action Learning

We believe there is no learning without action and no action without learning. Our training is practical and hands-on; intense but never without the element of fun—we call this “serious play”.




With the convergence of market risk, credit risk and liquidity risk, our clients are challenged with increasing complexity and having to do more with less. Overlay this with the shifting regulatory landscape and the rapid advances in technology and the future can seem daunting. The RiskLab is our applied research centre for tackling cutting edge financial risk and technology solutions that ensure our clients remain competitive.

At our core, we’re problem-solvers. We add a dose of humanity to
Financial and Quantitative Modelling to provide answers and overcome challenges.