We use Financial and Quantitative Modelling to rethink
but it’s our people who reimagine.


Experienced Professionals

It takes more than an idea. It takes people.

Our commitment to shaping the world we want to live in takes more than an idea. It takes people. It is our people who change the world, and our people philosophy is guided by who we are, our purpose, and our values.

We are relentless in our quest to re-engineer the future: to make it better than the present, even when the present is good.
At Riskworx We Rethink, We Reimagine.
Our Values
Our Values


The diverse group of people at Riskworx is what makes us special.
Diversity of thought, interests, backgrounds, experience and every other possible facet of diversity makes us the multidimensional group we are. When we are trying to solve problems in ways that have never been imagined before, we can’t think in a one-dimensional way. Having so many viewpoints can sometimes be uncomfortable, but when these viewpoints are shared and synthesized with deep Respect, we solve the unsolvable.
We are only at our best when every voice is heard.
Our Curiosity is what draws us to problems that are seemingly impossible to unravel, and our Bravery allows us to tackle problems that we are really not sure how to solve. And our belief that the whole truly can be greater than the sum of its parts, means that our spirit of Collaboration allows us to pull together and achieve the unimaginable.
All of our achievements are possible because we Trust one another. Because of the scale and difficulty of the problems we try to solve, we know that we will sometimes fail. We don’t seek out failure, but we are not intimidated by it. We trust that everyone around us will support us to refocus and find a new and better way to solve the problem.
Who Won't Fit Here?
The above is a description of who we are and will hopefully give an idea of who will fit here. But we also realise that there are many people who are highly intelligent, driven and skilful who simply won’t fit here. This is not a reflection on them personally, but they will build more meaningful careers somewhere else. So let’s look at some of those examples.
There are many people who are driven by competing against those that are around them. This is a great fit for many organisations, but not ours. At Riskworx we are highly competitive, but we compete against the problems we choose to solve. Not against each other.
If you are completely incapable of existing in the grey, or in-between spaces, you will not be comfortable here. We try and be as clear as possible about the outcomes we want to achieve and your role in achieving them. Despite this, we embrace the ambiguity that can occur, even if it is uncomfortable.
If these things are important to you, this may be the wrong place for you. The people who fit best at Riskworx are far more driven by constant growth than titles. Technical skills growth, soft skills growth, personal growth, professional growth is what drives those who thrive here.
We are not big fans
of hierarchy.
Due to the flat structure, you may spend quite some time in each level. But that does not mean your experience, responsibility, exposure, remuneration and skills do not continue to grow. There is plenty of scope for growth within each level.

Junior Financial Engineer Financial Engineer Senior Financial Engineer Principal Financial Engineer

We believe that if the environment is a good fit and the work meaningful, people will naturally be high performers.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Wheel

We believe that every person in our business is a leader. Whether you are leading yourself, other people, project outcomes, the business or the industry. We all are leaders.

Over and above the technical skills and experience you will gain, we support you with a leadership wheel that describes the competencies you will need to demonstrate and master in order to continually grow.


You will have access to a coach, within the business, who will support you through the challenges you will face in learning and practically using the 30 competencies on the wheel.

The coach will not be advising you on what you should become, but rather supporting you in your quest to define that goal for yourself and overcome the challenges you will face in getting there.


We start with the assumption that we have employed driven and skilled people who will thrive in our business. We believe that if the environment is a good fit and the work meaningful, then people will be naturally high performers.

We use a system called OKR’s which refers to Objectives & Key Results. It helps us ensure that each individual in the business is pulling in the same direction, and that all our energies are focused.


As we have evolved towards a higher proportion of virtual work, we have learned that people still need a forum in which they can connect outside of the direct working environment.

Human connections are important to build trust and a greater sense of belonging. For this reason you will be assigned to a squad within Riskworx.

Rituals and Routines


We have weekly Imbizos at which 2 people present on a topic that they feel is interesting or important. It can be business related or not, it is entirely up to them. The Imbizo is 30 minutes long and whoever presents one week, chooses the next pair who will present the following week. The topics can be theme related, serious or completely fun and frivolous. It’s up to you.

Knowledge Share

The Knowledge Share event is held once a month and is a 90 minute session. The purpose of this session is to share specific learnings that we have taken out of the business. It could be a case study or retrospective of an interesting project that has just been completed, or a discussion around regulatory reform or any other issue that has a direct impact on our work.

Town Hall

Our Town Hall events are held quarterly and this is where we share information about our strategy, business objectives, financial performance and all major issues that affect how Riskworx operates and how we are moving forward. We believe in transparency and every Riskworx employee is an important part of the process, so we believe that the more informed they are the better. We strive to have every voice be a part of the story that we at Riskworx are writing. We truly believe we will be a part of history, so how the story is told and retold, is important to us.

Social Events

We love social events. The bottom line is we work with cool people, so we like to socialise. Covid has made this a challenge, but we still try and have regular events like online quiz nights, murder mystery events, or other ways to connect. We can’t wait to be able to do it again in person. We encourage anybody in the business to set up any type of social or team building event.

This is our culture. We aim not to preserve it, but to
improve it. All our people help us to do that.

If Riskworx seems like the right fit, and you think you
have what it takes, let’s have a conversation.